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In this Urdu for Beginners Course we will take you from a Complete Beginner to possessing a confident command of the Urdu language upon completion. A signed Certificate of Completion is included within the Course Price.

This Course guides you with a clear direction in learning Urdu successfully and effectively.

As you can see from our Course Curriculum we have carefully curated the Course to encompass all of the 5 key language skills evenly and equally.

These 5 key language skills are: speaking, listening, reading, writing and grammar. They are essential in mastering any language and must be studied in order to be a versatile student of the Urdu language. 

The Urdu Language

With nearly 100 million Urdu speakers it is surprising that this language is overlooked! It may not be as popular as its counterparts in the region but it should be! 

It it is the language of love, poetry and philosophy. Many well known international poets  such Sir Allama Muhammad Iqbal (محمد اِقبال ) have come from Pakistan. They utitlized the beauty of the Urdu language to change the way the world sees life enriching future generations with new perspectives!

Moreover, if you know Farsi and Arabic learning Urdu is far easier and they share a lot of common words and verb structures!

Urdu is widely spoken by expats  in the GCC states and many local GCC citizens know a high level of Urdu due to the nature of the geo-economic diaspora. Therefore Urdu is not only a poetic and deep language for the academics but also a language of practicality and business.

Course Curriculum

In 32 lessons you will learn: 

Section 1: Introduction to this Course

Lesson 1: Introduction to the Urdu Language

Section 2: The Core Basics

Lesson 2: The Urdu Alphabet I

Lesson 3: The Urdu Alphabet II

Lesson 4: The Vowels in Urdu

Lesson 5: Important Urdu Words I

Lesson 6: Important Urdu Words II

Lesson 7: Important Urdu Words III

 Section 3: Vocabulary Builder!

Lesson 8: Numbers

Lesson 9: Days of the Week 

Lesson 10: Months + Seasons

Lesson 11: Days and Months Key Phrases

Lesson 12: Places

Lesson 13: Time

Lesson 14: Vegetables

Lesson 15: Fruits

Lesson 16: Relatives

Section 4: Key Urdu Grammar

Lesson 17: Important Verbs

Lesson 18: Urdu Personal Pronouns

Lesson 19: Urdu Verbs Conjugation (Present Tense)

Lesson 20: Negating Verbs (Present Tense)

Lesson 21: Urdu Verbs Conjugation (Future Tense)

Lesson 22: Urdu Verbs Conjugation (Past Tense)

Lesson 23: Using prepositions in Urdu

Lesson 24: Difference between “Aap Ka” and “Aap Ki”

Lesson 25: Difference between “Hain” and “Hun”

Lesson 26: Singular and Plural

Section 5: Speaking Urdu- practice makes perfect!

Lesson 27: Urdu greetings

Lesson 28: Introducing yourself

Lesson 29: How are you?

Lesson 30: At the restaurant

Lesson 31: Polite Urdu

Section 6: Pakistani Culture!

Lesson 32: Pakistani Foods in Urdu!

Lesson 33: Cooking in Urdu (dialogue)

Lesson 32: Urdu Poetry and Proverbs