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Portuguese for Beginners

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Our Portuguese for Beginners Course will be live in August 2020. 


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Course Curriculum

Section 1: Introduction 

Lesson 1: Introduction to this Course

Section 2: The Core Basics 

Lesson 2: The Portuguese Alphabet

Lesson 3: Portuguese Vowels I

Lesson 4: Portuguese Vowels II

Lesson 5: Portuguese Consonants

Section 3: Portuguese Grammar

Lesson 6: The Definite Article: An Introduction

Lesson 7: The Definite Article: examples and nouns

Lesson 8: The Indefinite Article: An Introduction

Lesson 9: The Indefinite Article: examples and nouns

Lesson 10: Subject Pronouns

Section 4: Verbs 101!

Lesson 11: Common Regular Verbs

Lesson 12: Conjugating “AR” Verbs

Lesson 13: Conjugating “ER” Verbs

Lesson 14: Conjugating “IR” Verbs

Lesson 15: Common Irregular Verbs

Lesson 16: Understanding “Ser” and “Estar”

Lesson 17: Using “Ir”

Lesson 18: Using “Poder”

Lesson 19: Using “Vir”

Lesson 20: Using “Haver” + “Ter”

Section 5: Verbs Tenses

Lesson 21: The Present Indicative

Lesson 22: The Present Continuous

Lesson 23: The Preterite

Lesson 24: The Imperfect

Lesson 25: The Future

Lesson 26: The Conditional

Lesson 27: Present Participles

Lesson 28: Past Participles

Section 6: Conversation Time!

Lesson 29: Key words & phrases

Lesson 30: Common Expressions

Lesson 31: Introducing Yourself

Lesson 32: Sharing Personal Information

Section 7: Location, location, location!

Lesson 33: At the Restaurant

Lesson 34: Giving and Receiving Directions

Lesson 35: At the Train Station