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This Course is the Ultimate Guide to Spanish Grammar! It has been carefully designed to encompass all of the key elements of Spanish Grammar. 

Mastering Spanish Grammar is essential and will boost all of the other 4 language skills: reading, writing, speaking & listening.

This Course has a clear structure and guideline in providing you a clear outline in understanding and implementing Spanish Grammar immediately!  

Course Curriculum

Comprised of 30 lessons you will learn:

Lesson 1: Introduction to the Course

Lesson 2: The Simple Present Tense (AR Verbs)

Lesson 3: The Simple Present Tense (ER Verbs)

Lesson 4: The Simple Present Tense (IR Verbs)

Lesson 5: Introduction to Irregular Verbs in Spanish

Lesson 6: Stem Changing Verbs

Lesson 7: Stem Changing Verbs

Lesson 8: Stem Changing Verbs

Lesson 9: Ser

Lesson 10: Estar

Lesson 11: The Imperfect Tense

Lesson 12: The Preterite Tense

Lesson 13: The Immediate Future Tense

Lesson 14: The Future Tense

Lesson 15: Conditional Tense vs Subjunctive Mood

Lesson 16: Past Participles 

Lesson 17: Introduction to the Conditional Tense

Lesson 18: The Conditional Tense

Lesson 19: The Conditional Perfect Tense

Lesson 20: Present Subjunctive – Regular Verbs

Lesson 21: Present Subjunctive –Irregular Verbs

Lesson 22: Present Subjunctive- Stem Changing Verbs

Lesson 23: Imperfect Subjunctive

Lesson 24: Present Perfect Subjunctive

Lesson 25: The Present Perfect

Lesson 26: The Pluperfect

Lesson 27: The Future Perfect

Lesson 28: The Present Progressive

Lesson 29: Time Expressions with Hacer I

Lesson 30: Time Expressions with Hacer II

 The Spanish Language

Spanish is the 2nd largest language in the world with over 400 million native speakers not to including non- native speakers! It is an important language in finance, commerce, travel, entertainment, culture, art, philosophy and literature!

It is considered the 2nd language in the USA. The Latin American market is ever growing and therefore learning Spanish can bring many lucrative incentives. It is a practical and very useful language to learn!

The Benefits 

This Course covers the necessary topics without wasting your time in learning useless jargon. We want you to start implementing your Spanish knowledge straight away. 

Upon completion of this course you will receive a certificate of completion signed by our company’s CEO.

Student Discount

Are you a Student? Good news as you are entitled to 85% off of this Course. Please check the Students Tab of our Website to find out more! 


Beginner Level of Spanish; we suggest you take our Beginners for Spanish Course prior to this Course!

 Career Path & Future Possibilities 

  • Anyone who wants that extra "edge" in standing out from their competition.

  • Boost your C.V. for a prospective career in Latin America and Spain.

  • Working in a Spanish speaking company.

This course is crucial for those who want a career that demands a level of Spanish proficiency. Speaking Spanish at a high level not only gives you an advantage in employment sector but also expands your opportunities for international endeavours!