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This course is for non native and native speakers who want to sound more professional and eloquent!

English may not be the largest language in the world however it is the world’s most important language! Why? It is the neutral language between other languages.

Imagine an Italian and Russian trying to converse one another. The Italian can’t speak Russian and vice versa. The “go to” language is English. Hence why learning English is crucial for everyday living which is why it is a popular language to learn.

English is the language of business, finance, entertainment, travel and sometimes even “social status” in certain non- English speaking countries! ​

Course Curriculum 

Section 1: Introduction

Lesson 1: Introduction to the Course

Section 2: The Basics
Lesson 2: Nouns

Lesson 3: Adjectives

Lesson 4: Demonstrative Pronouns
Lesson 5: Possessive Pronouns
Lesson 6: Prepositions
Lesson 7: Verbs and Adverbs
Lesson 8: Adverbs in Depth

Section 3: Questions in English

Lesson 9: Question Words in English

Lesson 10: How much, how many times and How long?

Section 4: Grammar- Verb Tenses

Lesson 11: The Present Tense

Lesson 12: The Past Tense

Lesson 13: The Future Tense

Lesson 14: The Subjunctive Tense

Lesson 15: Continuous and Perfect Tenses

 Section 5: Grammar- Terms and Structures in English

Lesson 16: Subject Verb Agreement in English

Lesson 17: Auxiliary Verbs in English

Lesson 18: Different Types of Clauses

Lesson 19: Sentences

Lesson 20: Phrases

    The English Language

    English can be hard! Don’t you agree?

    The grammar in any language can be challenging  at time and English is not exempt from this either! Truth be told even native English speakers find English grammar difficult to understand and utilise! Don’t fret our English grammar course covers the basics of English grammar and focuses on common mistakes that even native speakers make!

    The Benefits

    This course is specifically targeted for those individuals who want to understand how to use the English grammar and its various concepts. Moreover, avoiding common spelling mistakes which can be potentially embarrassing in both social and professional settings!

    We have covered the necessary topics to avoid such situations!

    ​Upon completion of this course you will receive a certificate of completion signed by our company’s CEO. 

    Student Discount

    Are you a Student? Good news as you are entitled to 85% off of this Course. Please check the Students Tab of our Website to find out more! 


    You should have a basic understanding of the English language. The motivation to want to improve your speaking and your listening skills as they complement one another.   

    Career Path & Future Possibilities

    As mentioned, English is the language of business, entertainment, foreign affairs and travel. Speaking English at a high level not only gives you an advantage in employment sector but also expands your opportunities for international endeavours!