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International Course Bundle: Arabic, French, German, Italian & Spanish for Beginners

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In this Course Bundle you will receive 201 lessons where you will learn the basics of Arabic, French, German, Italian & Spanish!

You will be amazed at how much you will learn in a short space of time!

We are offering this Course combination for students eager to start learning Arabic, Italian & Spanish without wasting anymore time. The Course comes with lifetime access, direct tutor support and a Certificate of Completion!



Comprised of 201 lessons (COMBINATION OF THE 5 COURSES) you will learn:

Arabic for Beginners (32 Lessons):

Section 1: Introduction

Section 2: Reading the Arabic Alphabet

Section 3: Reading the Short Vowels

Section 4: Writing the Arabic Alphabet

Section 5: Reading joined up Arabic Letters

Section 6: Speaking- General Greetings in the Arab world

Section 7: Speaking- At the Hotel

Section 8: Speaking-At the Restaurant

Section 9: Grammar- The Basics

Section 10: Grammar- The Verb Tenses


Italian for Beginners (30 Lessons):

Section 1: The Core Basics

Section 2: Basic Italian Grammar

Section 3: Expressing Yourself in Italian

Section 4: The Building Blocks

Section 5: Grammar Tenses (Present, Past & Future)

Section 6: Italian Traveller!

Section 7: Finishing Up!


Spanish for Beginners Course (71 Lessons):

Section 1: The Introduction

Section 2: The Core Basics

Section 3: Speaking Spanish

Section 4: Core Spanish Grammar  (Nouns, Articles and Demonstratives)

Section 5: Vocabulary and How to use it in Spanish

Section 6: Basic Spanish Grammar

Section 7: Everyday Living


French for Beginners (33 Lessons): 

Section 1: The Core Essentials

Section 2: Speaking French!

Section 3: The Basics of French Grammar  

Section 4: Elevating your French! 

Section 5: Irregular Verbs in Practice 

Section 6: Creating French Sentences

Section 7: Knowing the Difference...

Section 8: Inquisitive French!

Section 9: Useful French Vocabulary

German for Beginners (35 Lessons):

Section 1: The Core Basics  

Section 2: Basic German Grammar

Section 3:  The Building Blocks

Section 4: German Perfection!

Section 5: Important Differences

Section 6: Let’s Speak German!


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