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Salut, ça va?  If you don’t know what that means; then look no further than our French  for Beginners Course where we will take you from an ultimate newbie in French to boosting your knowledge in understanding French Grammar, speaking, reading and writing Italian confidently!

A signed Certificate of Completion is included within the Course Price.

This Course guides you with a clear direction in learning speaking French successfully and effectively.

As you can see from our Course Curriculum we have carefully curated the Course to encompass all of the 5 key language skills evenly and equally in speaking French.

These 5 key language skills are: speaking, listening, reading, writing and grammar. They are essential in mastering any language and the perfect foundation to be the ideal Francophone!  

The French Language 

With nearly 235 million speakers worldwide and millions of non- native speakers flocking to learn French at a rapid rate. It’s no wonder that French is one of the world's most popular languages. 

The French language has incredible benefits for its learners including its intrinsic role within the architecture, geo-political sphere, travel & tourism, culture, finance, commerce, travel, entertainment (pop-culture), philosophy and literature.

The French language is spoken throughout many regions of the world including the France, Canada (Québécois French), North Africa, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Gabon, Mauritius and many more countries.

Moreover, there are many lucrative incentives to learn French as many employers appreciate learning a useful & popular language such as French. It is a multi-dimensional language providing several benefits for its learners!

What you will get: 

1. 38 Online Lessons

2. Course Guide

3. Course Checklist Tracker 


The Course Curriculum

Section 1: The Core Basics

Lecture 1: The French Alphabet & The French Vowels

Lecture 2: The French Accents I

Lecture 3: The French Accents II

Section 2: Vocabulary Builder

Lesson 4: Important Words + Daily Key Phrases

Lesson 5: Important Words with examples

Lesson 6: Daily Key Phrases with examples

Lesson 7: Career + Future Plans with examples

Lesson 8: Finance and Economy with examples

Lesson 9: Numbers 0-100

Lecture 10: The French Days of the Week

Lecture 11: The French Months of the Year

Section 3: Perfecting your French Skills!

Lesson 12:  French Co-ordinating Conjunctions with examples

Lesson 13: French sub-ordination Conjunctions with examples

Lesson 14: French Fillers

Section 4: French Grammar Conversation

Lesson 15: Past Tense I

Lesson 16: Past Tense II

Lesson 17: Past Tense III

Lesson 18: Present Tense I

Lesson 19: Present Tense II

Lesson 20: Present Tense III

Lesson 21: The Future Tense I

Lesson 22: The Future Tense II

Lesson 23: The Future Tense III

Lesson 24: “Avoir” (to have)

Lesson 25: “Être” (to be)

Lesson 26: Sentence Structures in French

Section 5: Practice makes perfect!

Lesson 27: Parisian French

Lesson 28: Key travel words + phrases

Section 6: Real Life Scenarios!

Lesson 29: At the Restaurant (key words + phrases)

Lesson 30: Dialogue: At the Restaurant

Lesson 31: At the Hotel (key words + phrases)

Lesson 32: Dialogue: At the Hotel

Lesson 33: Asking for Directions (key words + phrases)

Lesson 34: Dialogue: Asking for Directions

Lesson 35: Using the Public Transport (key words + phrases)

Lesson 36: Dialogue: Using the Public Transport

Lesson 37: Introducing yourself in French (key words + phrases)

Lesson 38: Dialogue: Introducing yourself in French.