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In this language Course bundle you will be able to choose 3 European language beginner language courses. The languages available are: French, German, Italian and Spanish. Each Course comes with a Course Curriculum and Checklist Tracker to keep you on track!

Simple as 1, 2, 3! After purchase we will contact you regarding your Course options and send you instant access to all 3 Courses of your choice! 

French for Beginners Course Curriculum (33 Lessons)

Section 1: The Core Essentials

Lecture 1: The French Alphabet & The French Vowels

Lecture 2: The French Accents I

Lecture 3:The French Accents II

Section 2: Speaking French!

Lecture 4: French Greetings

Lecture 5: Describing Yourself 

Lecture 6:  Useful Expressions

Section 3: The Basics of French Grammar  

Lecture 7: The Definite Article

Lecture 8: The Indefinite Article

Lecture 9: The Subject Pronouns  

Lecture 10: The 3 French Verb Groups

Section 4: Elevating your French! 

Lecture 11: The Possessive Adjectives (masculine)

Lecture 12: The Possessive Adjectives (feminine)

Lecture 13: The Possessive Adjectives (plural)

Lecture 14: The Possessive Pronouns (masculine)

Lecture 15: The Possessive Pronouns (feminine)

Lecture 16: The Possessive Pronouns (masculine plural)

Lecture 17: The Possessive Pronouns (feminine plural)

Lecture 18: Demonstratives

Section 5: Irregular Verbs in Practice 

Lecture 19: Avoir (to have)

Lecture 20: Être (to be)

Lecture 21: Aller (to go) & prepositions

Section 6: Creating French Sentences

Lecture 22: Gender of Nouns  

Lecture 23: Positioning of Adjectives 

Lecture 24: IL Y A - How to say "there is" or "there are" in French

Section 7: Knowing the Difference...

Lecture 25: Savoir vs. Connaître

Lecture 26: Depuis our Pendant?

Section 8: Inquisitive French!

Lecture 27: Asking questions in French with “Est-ce que”

Lecture 28: Asking questions in French with Inversions

Lecture 29: What or Which questions in French using "QUEL"

Section 9: Useful French Vocabulary

Lecture 30: Numbers 0-100

Lecture 31: The French Days of the Week

Lecture 32: The French Months of the Year

Lecture 33: The French Prepositions


German for Beginners Course Curriculum (33 Online Lessons)

Section 1: The Core Basics  

Lesson 1: The German Alphabet

Lesson 2: German Consonant Pronunciation I

Lesson 3: German Consonant Pronunciation II

Lesson 4: The Umlaute and Combined Vowels

Section 2: Basic German Grammar

Lesson 5: The Definite Article (Nominative & Accusative)

Lesson 6: The Definite Article (Genitive)

Lesson 7: The Definite Article (Dative)

Lesson 8: The Indefinite Article (Nominative & Accusative)

Lesson 9: The Indefinite Article (Genitive)

Lesson 10: The Indefinite Article (Dative)

Section 3:  The Building Blocks

Lesson 11: Subject Pronouns

Lesson 12: Present Tense of Regular Verbs

Lesson 13: Word Order

Lesson 14: Question Words

Lesson 15: The verb “to like”- gerne,mögen,  gefallen, lieben.

Lesson 16: The Future Tense

Section 4: German Perfection!

Lesson 17: How to say “I’m tired”

Lesson 18: Present Tense of “Sein”

Lesson 19: Present Tense of “Haben”

Lesson 20: Telling the time

Section 5: Important Differences

Lesson 21: “Es gibt” vs “Es sind”

Lesson 22: “um”, “im” or “am”?

Lesson 23: “Na ja?” explained

Lesson 24: “Ach” in German

Section 6: Let’s Speak German!

Lesson 25: German Greetings & Farewells

Lesson 26: Key German Words

Lesson 27: Key German Phrases

Lesson 28: German Vocabulary – Important Verbs

Lesson 29: German Vocabulary- Types of Transport

Lesson 30: Lost? Let’s ask for directions!

Lesson 31: At the train station

Lesson 32: At the Restaurant

Lesson 33: Shopping in German


Italian for Beginners Course Curriculum (30 Online Lessons)

Section 1: The Core Basics 

Lesson 1: The Italian Alphabet

Lesson 2: Common Italian Verbs

Lesson 3: Useful Words & Phrases

Lesson 4: Irregular Verbs

Section 2: Basic Italian Grammar

Lesson 5: Subject Pronouns

Lesson 6: The Definite Article

Lesson 7: The Indefinite Article

Lesson 8: Ne in Italian

Lesson 9: Ci in Italian

Section 3:  Expressing Yourself in Italian  

Lesson 10: Introduce yourself in Italian

Lesson 11: Free time and Hobbies in Italian

Section 4:  The Building Blocks

Lesson 12: The Verb “Essere” (“To Be”)

Lesson 13: The Verb “Avere” (“To Have”)

Lesson 14: "To do/ make" in Italian

Lesson 15: "To go" in Italian

Section 5: Grammar Tenses (Present, Past & Future)

Lesson 16: Present Tense Regular Verbs

Lesson 17: Past Participles

Lesson 18: Past Tense: Passato prossimo

Lesson 19: Past Tense: Imperfetto

Lesson 20: Future Tense I

Lesson 21: Future Tense II

Lesson 22: Future Tense III

Section 6: Italian Traveller!

Lesson 23:  Places of Interest in Italian

Lesson 24:  Asking for Directions in Italian

Lesson 25:  The Weather in Italian

Lesson 26: Transportation

Section 7: Finishing Up!

Lesson 27: Asking Questions

Lesson 28:  Numbers

Lesson 29: Days of the Week in Italian

Lesson 30: The Months in Italian


Spanish for Beginners Course Curriculum  (40 Online Lessons)

Lesson 1: The Spanish Alphabet (speaking & listening

Lesson 2: The Spanish Vowels (speaking & listening)

Lesson 3: The Spanish Consonants (speaking & listening)

Lesson 4: Practice Speaking Spanish Sentences (speaking & listening)

Lesson 5: Gender of Nouns (reading & writing)

Lesson 6: Cardinal Numbers 1-1000 (speaking, listening, reading & writing)

Lesson 7: Definite and Indefinite Articles (reading & writing)

Lesson 8: Regular Verbs with conjugation & implementation! Part 1(reading & writing)

Lesson 9: Regular Verbs with conjugation & implementation! Part 2(reading & writing)

Lesson 10: Regular Verbs with conjugation & implementation! Part 3 (reading & writing)

Lesson 11: The unique verb form of “hay” (reading & writing)

Lesson 12: Vocabulary List: At the Restaurant (speaking & listening)

Lesson 13: Vocabulary List: The Weather (speaking & listening)

Lesson 14: Vocabulary List: At the Hotel (speaking & listening)

Lesson 15: Vocabulary List: Meeting New People (speaking & listening)

Lesson 16: Vocabulary List: At the Airport (speaking & listening)

Lesson 17: Grammar Focus on: “Ser” (grammar, reading & writing)

Lesson 18: Grammar Focus on: "Estar” (grammar, reading & writing)

Lesson 19: Grammar Focus on: “Tener” (grammar, reading & writing)

Lesson 20: Grammar Focus on: “Venir” (grammar, reading & writing)

Lesson 21: Grammar Focus on: “Hacer” (grammar, reading & writing)

Lesson 22: Grammar Focus on: “Ir” (grammar, reading & writing)

Lesson 23: The Immediate Future: “Ir” + “a” + “verb infinitive”  (grammar, reading & writing)

Lesson 24: Grammar Focus on: “Acabar de” (grammar, reading & writing)

Lesson 25: Grammar Focus on: “Volver +  a” (grammar, reading & writing)

Lesson 26: La Casa- Home (speaking & listening)

Lesson 27: Las Características Positivas Positive Characteristics (speaking & listening)

Lesson 28:  Los Sentimientos Positivos Positive Feelings (speaking & listening)

Lesson 29: El Transporte Público -Public Transport(speaking & listening)

Lesson 30: Las Verduras- Vegetables (speaking & listening)

Lesson 31: La Gente- People (speaking & listening)

Lesson 32: El Parentesco- Relationships  (speaking & listening)

Lesson 33: La Oficina de Correos- Post Office (speaking & listening)

Lesson 34: Using Nouns and Adjectives together part I (grammar, reading & writing)

Lesson 35: Using Nouns and Adjectives together part II (grammar, reading & writing)

Lesson 36: Possessive Nouns (grammar, reading & writing)

Lesson 37: Possessive Adjectives (grammar, reading & writing)

Lesson 38: Demonstratives (grammar, reading & writing)

Lesson 39: Months, Seasons & Dates (speaking & listening)

Lesson 40: Telling the time (speaking, listening, reading & writing).