European Course Bundle: French, German & Spanish for Beginners (139 Lessons)

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In this language Course bundle you will be able to choose 3 European language beginner language courses. The languages available are: French, German and Spanish. Each Course comes with a Course Curriculum and Checklist Tracker to keep you on track!

French for Beginners Course

Section 1: The Core Essentials

Lecture 1: The French Alphabet & The French Vowels

Lecture 2: The French Accents I

Lecture 3:The French Accents II

Section 2: Speaking French!

Lecture 4: French Greetings

Lecture 5: Describing Yourself 

Lecture 6:  Useful Expressions

Section 3: The Basics of French Grammar  

Lecture 7: The Definite Article

Lecture 8: The Indefinite Article

Lecture 9: The Subject Pronouns  

Lecture 10: The 3 French Verb Groups

Section 4: Elevating your French! 

Lecture 11: The Possessive Adjectives (masculine)

Lecture 12: The Possessive Adjectives (feminine)

Lecture 13: The Possessive Adjectives (plural)

Lecture 14: The Possessive Pronouns (masculine)

Lecture 15: The Possessive Pronouns (feminine)

Lecture 16: The Possessive Pronouns (masculine plural)

Lecture 17: The Possessive Pronouns (feminine plural)

Lecture 18: Demonstratives

Section 5: Irregular Verbs in Practice 

Lecture 19: Avoir (to have)

Lecture 20: Être (to be)

Lecture 21: Aller (to go) & prepositions

Section 6: Creating French Sentences

Lecture 22: Gender of Nouns  

Lecture 23: Positioning of Adjectives 

Lecture 24: IL Y A - How to say "there is" or "there are" in French

Section 7: Knowing the Difference...

Lecture 25: Savoir vs. Connaître

Lecture 26: Depuis our Pendant?

Section 8: Inquisitive French!

Lecture 27: Asking questions in French with “Est-ce que”

Lecture 28: Asking questions in French with Inversions

Lecture 29: What or Which questions in French using "QUEL"

Section 9: Useful French Vocabulary

Lecture 30: Numbers 0-100

Lecture 31: The French Days of the Week

Lecture 32: The French Months of the Year

Lecture 33: The French Prepositions


German for Beginners Course

Section 1: The Core Basics

Lesson 1: The German Alphabet

Lesson 2: German Consonant Pronunciation I

Lesson 3: German Consonant Pronunciation II

Lesson 4: The Umlaute and Combined Vowels

Section 2: Basic German Grammar

Lesson 5: The Definite Article (Nominative & Accusative)

Lesson 6: The Definite Article (Genitive)

Lesson 7: The Definite Article (Dative)

Lesson 8: The Indefinite Article (Nominative & Accusative)

Lesson 9: The Indefinite Article (Genitive)

Lesson 10: The Indefinite Article (Dative)

Section 3: The Building Blocks

Lesson 11: Subject Pronouns

Lesson 12: Present Tense of Regular Verbs I

Lesson 13: Present Tense of Regular Verbs II

Lesson 14: Present Tense of Regular Verbs III

Lesson 15: Word Order

Lesson 16: Question Words

Lesson 17: The verb “to like”- gerne,mögen, gefallen, lieben.

Lesson 18: The Future Tense

Section 4: German Perfection!

Lesson 19: How to say “I’m tired”

Lesson 20: Present Tense of “Sein”

Lesson 21: Present Tense of “Haben”

Lesson 22: Telling the time

Section 5: Important Differences

Lesson 23: “Es gibt” vs “Es sind”

Lesson 24: “um”, “im” or “am”?

Lesson 25: “Na ja?” explained

Lesson 26: “Ach” in German

Section 6: Let’s Speak German!

Lesson 27: German Greetings & Farewells

Lesson 28: Key German Words

Lesson 29: Key German Phrases

Lesson 30: German Vocabulary – Important Verbs

Lesson 31: German Vocabulary- Types of Transport

Lesson 32: Lost? Let’s ask for directions!

Lesson 33: At the train station

Lesson 34: At the Restaurant

Lesson 35: Shopping in German


Spanish for Beginners Course


Section 1: The Introduction

Lesson 1: Introduction to this Course.

Section 2: The Core Basics

Lesson 2: The Spanish Alphabet (speaking & listening)

Lesson 3: The Spanish Vowels (speaking & listening)

Lesson 4: The Spanish Consonants ((B & V,Ñ,RR,LL)  (speaking & listening)

Lesson 5: Practice Exercise for Section 2

Section 3: Speaking Spanish

Lesson 6: Practice Speaking Spanish Sentences (speaking & listening) I

Lesson 7: Practice Speaking Spanish Sentences (speaking & listening) II

Lesson 8: Practice Exercises for Section 3

Section 4: Core Spanish Grammar  (Nouns, Articles and Demonstratives)

Lesson 9: Gender of Nouns (reading & writing)

Lesson 10: Cardinal Numbers 1-1000 (speaking, listening, reading & writing)

Lesson 11: Definite and Indefinite Articles (reading & writing)

Lesson 12: Possessive Pronouns: An Introduction (grammar) I

Lesson 13: Possessive Pronouns in Spanish (reading & writing) II

Lesson 14: Possessive Pronouns in Spanish with examples (reading & writing) III

Lesson 15: Possessive Pronouns in Spanish with Grammar Notes (grammar) IV

Lesson 16: Possessive Adjectives : An Introduction  (grammar) I

Lesson 17: Possessive Adjectives in Spanish (reading & writing) II

Lesson 18: Possessive Adjectives in Spanish with examples (reading & writing) III

Lesson 19: Possessive Adjectives with Spanish Grammar Notes (grammar) IV

 Lesson 20: Demonstratives: An Introduction (grammar, reading & writing)

Lesson 21: Demonstrative Adjectives in Spanish (reading & writing)

Lesson 22: Demonstrative Adjectives in Spanish with Examples (reading & writing)

Lesson 23: Demonstrative Pronouns in Spanish  (reading & writing)

Lesson 24: Demonstrative Pronouns in Spanish with Examples (reading & writing)

Lesson 25: Nouns and Adjectives I (grammar, reading & writing)

Lesson 26: Nouns and Adjectives II (grammar, reading & writing)

Lesson 27: Practice Exercises for Section 4

Lesson 28: Spanish Grammar Test for Section 4 (Question Paper) (PDF Downloadable)

Lesson 29: Spanish Grammar Test for Section 4 (Answer Paper) (PDF Downloadable)

Section 5: Vocabulary and How to use it in Spanish

Lesson 30: Vocabulary List: At the Restaurant (speaking & listening)

Lesson 31: Vocabulary List: The Weather (speaking & listening)

Lesson 32: Vocabulary List: At the Hotel (speaking & listening)

Lesson 33: Vocabulary List: Meeting New People (speaking & listening)

Lesson 34: Vocabulary List: At the Airport (speaking & listening)

Lesson 35: Vocabulary List: Travelling (speaking & listening)

Lesson 36: Practice Exercises for Section 5

Lesson 37: Vocabulary Test for Section 5 (Question Paper) (PDF Downloadable)

Lesson 38: Vocabulary Test for Section 5 (Answer Paper) (PDF Downloadable)

Section 6: Basic Spanish Grammar

Lesson 39:  The Simple Present Tense (AR Verbs) (grammar)

Lesson 40: The Simple Present Tense (ER Verbs) (grammar)

Lesson 41:  The Simple Present Tense (IR Verbs)  (grammar)

Lesson 42:  Introduction to Irregular Verbs in Spanish (grammar, reading & writing)

Lesson 43:  Stem Changing Verbs O:UE (grammar, reading & writing)

Lesson 44: Stem Changing Verbs E: IE  (grammar, reading & writing)

Lesson 45: Stem Changing Verbs E: I  (grammar, reading & writing)

Lesson 46: "Ser"  (grammar, reading & writing)

Lesson 47: "Estar" (grammar, reading & writing)

Lesson 48:  The Imperfect Tense (grammar, reading & writing)

Lesson 49: The Preterite Tense  (grammar, reading & writing)

Lesson 50: The Immediate Future Tense (grammar, reading & writing)

Lesson 51: The Future Tense (grammar)

Lesson 52: The unique verb form of “hay” (reading & writing)

Lesson 53:  Practice Exercises for Section 6

Lesson 54: Spanish Grammar Test for Section 6 (Question Paper) (PDF Downloadable)

Lesson 55: Spanish Grammar Test for Section 6 (Answer Paper) (PDF Downloadable)

Section 7: Everyday Living

Lesson 56: La Casa - Home (speaking & listening)

Lesson 57: Las Características Positivas-  Positive Characteristics (speaking & listening)

Lesson 58: Los Sentimientos Positivos-  Positive Feelings (speaking & listening)

Lesson 59: El Transporte Público -Public Transport(speaking & listening)

Lesson 60: Las Verduras- Vegetables (speaking & listening)

Lesson 61: La Gente & El Parentesco- Relationships +  People (speaking & listening)

Lesson 62: La Oficina de Correos- Post Office (speaking & listening)

Lesson 63: Los meses, las estaciones y las fechas- Months, Seasons & Dates (speaking & listening)

Lesson 64: Practice Exercises for Section 7

Lesson 65: Vocabulary Test for Section 7 (Question Paper) (PDF Downloadable)

Lesson 66: Vocabulary Test for Section 7 (Answer Paper) (PDF Downloadable)

Section 8: Core Spanish Grammar

Lesson 67: Decir la hora- Telling the time (speaking, listening, reading & writing)

Lesson 68:  Grammar Focus on: “Tener” (grammar, reading & writing)

Lesson 69:  Grammar Focus on: “Venir” (grammar, reading & writing)

Lesson 70: Grammar Focus on: “Hacer” (grammar, reading & writing)

Lesson 71: Grammar Focus on: “Ir” (grammar, reading & writing)

Lesson 72: Grammar Focus on: “Acabar + de” (grammar, reading & writing)

Lesson 73: Grammar Focus on: “Volver + a” (grammar, reading & writing)

Lesson 74: Practice Exercises for Section 8

Lesson 75: Spanish Grammar Test for Section 8 (Question Paper) (PDF Downloadable)

Lesson 76: Spanish Grammar Test for Section 8 (Answer Paper) (PDF Downloadable)


Our Approach

Our teaching method is effective in proving that you do not need to spend a lot of TIME learning useless information but rather important knowledge that will enable you to achieve your goals.

We teach our lessons in a calm and relaxed environment ensuring that you learn & memorise the information. This is how you OPTIMIZE your learning!

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