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Do you need to speak Arabic in a business setting? Not sure where to begin and how to get started? Then look no further than our Business Arabic course!

Arabic is a unique language as it is important for politics, business, finance, culture and arts, history and religion. It is also the world’s 5th widely spoken language and also one of the world's most hardest. Hence this course! 

Course Curriculum 

Comprised of 30 lessons you will learn:

  • Introduction the Business Arabic Course & What to Expect

  • Reading The Full Arabic Alphabet

  • Reading The Short Arabic Vowels

  • Writing The Arabic Alphabet

  • Reading Joined Up Arabic Letters

  • Speaking: General Greetings In The Arab World

  • Introducing Yourself

  • Key Speaking Phrases 

  • Arabic Vocabulary and How To Use It!

  • Basic Verbs

  • Money

  • Adjectives

  • Days of the Week

  • Time

  • Converse like an Arab whilst out and about in different situations: at the hotel, at the restaurant, shopping and travelling.


The Arabic Language

Arabic can be hard!

We don't want to scare you with the new alphabet and grammar structures; we have made everything easy and clear to understand with our unique teaching methods whereby you can utilise your knowledge straight away! We have created a clear structure which is easy to follow and at your own pace.

Reading and Writing

In this course we use an interactive whiteboard to show you in live time how to read, and write Arabic. You will see how the instructor carefully writes each letter individually and joined up!

Speaking and Listening

As you can imagine, Arabic can be difficult to speak as it has its own specific set of sounds and vowels. We teach you how to sound like a native and pay extra attention to the harder sound such as “ع” (ayn), “خ” (kh) and “ق” (qaaf).

  • Complimentary Certificate of Completion
  • 24/7 Lifetime Access
  • Easy to follow through and understand 
  • Saving you TIME by learning the essentials that get you results.
  • One time purchase 
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Online Tutor support
  • No equipment necessary
  • Easy access across all electronic devices 
  • Interactive lessons that keep you engaged and motivated throughout 
  • Career Advancement overseas and/or in international companies. 
Student Discount

Are you a Student? Good news as you are entitled to 85% off of this Course. Please check the Students Tab of our Website to find out more! 


No previous knowledge is required! Just lots of enthusiasm!

Career Path & Future Possibilities

Anyone who wants to boost their C.V. for a prospective career in the Middle East and/ North Africa in many work sectors such as the oil and gas industry, finance & real estate/property sector.