Arabic Intermediate Course

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This Course will be released in September 2020.  

The Course Curriculum

Section 1: Introduction to the Course

Lesson 1: An introduction to Modern Standard Arabic [Fosha]

Lesson 2: An introduction to Ammiya

Section 2: Arabic Grammar 101

Lesson 3: The “U” Case

Lesson 4: The “A” Case

Lesson 5: The “I” Case

Lesson 6: Nominal Sentences in Arabic

Lesson 7: The Definite Article

Lesson 8: The Indefinite Article

Lesson 9: Demonstratives: This

 Lesson 10: Demonstratives: That

Lesson 11: “Here” & “There” in Arabic

Lesson 12: أَنَّ and  إِنَّ

Lesson 13: ولكنَّ

Lesson 14: Prepositions

Lesson 15: Prepositional Phrases

Lesson 16: Asking Questions I

Lesson 17: Asking Questions II

Section 3: Arabic Vocabularly Top Up

Lesson 18: Everyday words + phrases  

Lesson 19: At the Hotel

Lesson 20: At Home

Lesson 21: Ordering food

Lesson 22: At the Café

Lesson 23: Untranslatable Arabic Phrases

Lesson 24:  Real Estate

Lesson 25: Employment

Lesson 26: Finance and Economy

Lesson 27: At the Train Station

Lesson 28: Taxi

Lesson 29: Shopping

Section 4: Let’s speak Arabic!

Lesson 30: Role Play- Introducing yourself and making new friends!

Lesson 31: Role Play- Booking a Hotel Reservation

Lesson 32: Role Play- Haggling in a Souq

Lesson 33: Role Play- Ordering food in a Restaurant

Section 5: Listen Up!

Lesson 34: Listening Exercise I

Lesson 35: Listening Exercise II

Section 6: The Art of Writing Arabic  

Lesson 36: Word Order VSO

Lesson 37: Translation Exercises I

Lesson 38: Translation Exercises II


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