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Arabic Course Bundle (107 Lessons)

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Want access to our 3 popular Arabic language courses? Then look no further than this Arabic Course Bundle! 

It features the Arabic for Beginners Course, Arabic Conversation Course & Arabic Reading and Writing Course. 

The Course Curriculum

Arabic for Beginners Course (32 Lessons)

Section 1: Introduction

Lesson 1: Introduction to this Course

Section 2: Reading the Arabic Alphabet

Lesson 2: Reading the Arabic Alphabet  ا -ذ (reading)

Lesson 3: Reading the Arabic Alphabet ر – ظ (reading)

Lesson 4: Reading the Arabic Alphabet ع – ل (reading)

Lesson 5: Reading the Arabic Alphabet م- ي (reading)

Section 3: Reading the Short Vowels

Lesson 6: The Short Vowel Fatha (reading)

Lesson 7: The Short Vowel Kasra (reading)

Lesson 8: The Short Vowel Damma (reading)

Lesson 9: Sukoon (reading)

Section 4: Writing the Arabic Alphabet

Lesson 10: Writing the Arabic Alphabet  ا -ذ (writing)

Lesson 11: Writing the Arabic Alphabet ر – ظ (writing)

Lesson 12: Writing the Arabic Alphabet ع – ل (writing)

Lesson 13: Writing the Arabic Alphabet م- ي (writing) 

Section 5: Reading joined up Arabic Letters

Lesson 14: The Naughty Letters (reading & writing)

Lesson 15: Arabic Letters ا- خ (reading)

Lesson 16: Arabic Letters د- ض (reading)

Lesson 17: Arabic Letters ط- ك (reading)

Lesson 18: Arabic Letters ل- ي (reading)

Section 6: Speaking- General Greetings in the Arab world

Lesson 19: Introducing yourself (speaking & listening)

Lesson 20: Key Speaking Phrases (speaking & listening)

Lesson 21: Arabic Phrases (speaking & listening)

Section 7: Speaking- At the Hotel

Lesson 22: Speaking- At the Hotel (speaking & listening)

Lesson 23: Hotel Role Play- Booking a Room (speaking & listening)

Lesson 24: Hotel Role Play- Complaining About a Room (speaking & listening)

Section 8: Speaking-At the Restaurant

Lesson 25: Key Phrases (speaking & listening)

Lesson 26: Essential Vocabulary  (speaking & listening)

Lesson 27: Restaurant Role Play- Ordering food at the restaurant (speaking & listening)

Section 9: Grammar- The Basics

Lesson 28: Introduction to Verb Tenses (grammar, reading & writing)

Lesson 29: Personal Pronouns (grammar, reading & writing)

Section 10: Grammar- The Verb Tenses

Lesson 30: The Past Tense  (grammar,  reading & writing)

Lesson 31: The Present Tense (grammar, reading & writing)

Lesson 32: The Future Tense (grammar, reading & writing)


Arabic Conversation Course (30 Lessons)

Section 1: Introduction

Lesson 1: How to Navigate this Course

Section 2:  The Building Blocks

Lesson 2: The Core Basics I 

Lesson 3: The Core Basics II

Lesson 4: Subject Pronouns

Lesson 5: Object Pronouns

Lesson 6: Possessive Pronouns

Lesson 7: Untranslatable Arabic Phrases

Section 3: Socialising 

Lesson 8: Important Phrases

Lesson 9: General Greetings 

Lesson 10: Networking

Lesson 11: Love Expressions in Arabic

 Section 4: Speaking Grammar

Lesson 12: “To have” in Arabic

Lesson 13: "Why” in Arabic

Lesson 14: "Because” in Arabic

Lesson 15: Asking Questions I

Lesson 16: Asking Questions II

Lesson 17: Expressing “I like” in Arabic

Lesson 18: Expressing “I want” in Arabic

Lesson 19: Polite Arabic

Section 5: Islamic Phrases #cultured

Lesson 20:  Islamic Greetings

Lesson 21: Islamic Calendar

Section 6: Business #hustler

Lesson 22: Real Estate

Lesson 23: Employment

Lesson 24: Finance and Economy

 Section 7: Travel  #wanderlust

Lesson 25:  At the Hospital

Lesson 26: At the Restaurant

Lesson 27: At the Airport

Lesson 28:  At the Train Station 

Lesson 29: At the Hotel 

Lesson 30: Lost? Let's ask for Directions

Arabic Reading & Writing Course (45 lessons)

Lesson 1: Introduction to the Secret World of Languages’ Arabic Reading and Writing Course!

Lesson 2: Arabic Alphabet pt.1 (reading)

Lesson 3: Arabic Alphabet pt.2 (reading)

Lesson 4: Arabic Alphabet pt.3 (reading)

Lesson 5: Arabic Alphabet pt.4 (reading)

Lesson 6: Fatha (reading and writing)

Lesson 7: Kasra (reading and writing)

Lesson 8: Damma (reading and writing)

Lesson 9: Sukoon (reading and writing)

Lesson10: Write Arabic Alphabet pt.1 (writing)

Lesson 11: Write Arabic Alphabet pt. 2 (writing)

Lesson 12: Write Arabic Alphabet pt. 3 (writing)

Lesson 13: Write Arabic Alphabet pt. 4 (writing)

Lesson 14: The Naughty Letters (reading and writing)

Lesson15: Reading joined up Arabic letters pt1 (reading and writing)

Lesson 16: Reading joined up Arabic letters pt2 (reading and writing)

Lesson 17: Reading joined up Arabic letters pt3 (reading and writing)

Lesson 18: Reading joined up Arabic letters pt4 (reading and writing)

Lesson 19: Al Madd: An Overview (reading)

Lesson 20: Al Madd Al Fatha (reading and writing)

Lesson 21: Al madd Al Fatha examples (reading)

Lesson 22: Al Madda Al Kasra (reading and writing)

Lesson 23: Al Madda Al Kasra examples(reading)

Lesson 24: Al Madd Ad-damma (reading and writing)

Lesson 25: Al Madd Ad-damma examples(reading)

Lesson 26: Sun and Moon Letters Overview (reading)

Lesson 27: The Moon Letters (reading and writing)

Lesson 28: The Sun Letters (reading and writing)

Lesson 29: Alif Maqsura (reading)

Lesson 30:  The Hamza (reading)

Lesson 31: The Tanween Vowels: An Overview  (reading)

Lesson 32: ‘Tanween Al Fatha’ (reading and writing)

Lesson 33: ‘Tanween Al Fatha with Alif’ (reading and writing)

Lesson 34: ‘Tanween Al Fatha taa marbuta’ & ‘Hamza’ (reading and writing)

Lesson 35: ‘Tanween Al Fatha’: Its Importance (reading)

Lesson 36: ‘Tanween Al Fatha’ with Examples (reading)

Lesson 37: Tanween Al kasra (reading and writing)

Lesson 38: Tanween Al kasra examples (reading)

Lesson 39: Tanween Ad-damma(reading and writing)

Lesson 40: Tanween Ad-damma examples (reading)

Lesson 41: Introduction to ‘Shadda’ (reading)

Lesson 42: ‘Shadda Al fatha’ & Examples (reading and writing)

Lesson 43: ‘Shadda Al kasra’ & Examples (reading and writing)

Lesson 44: ‘Shadda Ad-Damma’ & Examples(reading)

Lesson 45: ‘Shadda At-tanween fatha, kasra & damma’(reading and writing)