Beginners Arabic Course Bundle (3 in 1)

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Want access to our 3 popular Arabic language courses? Then look no further than this Arabic Course Bundle! 

It features the Arabic for Beginners Course, Arabic Conversation Course & Arabic Reading and Writing Course. 

Arabic for Beginners Course 

Section 1: Introduction

Lesson 1: Introduction to this Course

Section 2: Reading the Arabic Alphabet

Lesson 2: Reading the Arabic Alphabet  ا -ذ (reading)

Lesson 3: Reading the Arabic Alphabet ر – ظ (reading)

Lesson 4: Reading the Arabic Alphabet ع – ل (reading)

Lesson 5: Reading the Arabic Alphabet م- ي (reading)

Section 3: Reading the Short Vowels

Lesson 6: The Short Vowel Fatha (reading)

Lesson 7: The Short Vowel Kasra (reading)

Lesson 8: The Short Vowel Damma (reading)

Lesson 9: Sukoon (reading)

Section 4: Writing the Arabic Alphabet

Lesson 10: Writing the Arabic Alphabet  ا -ذ (writing)

Lesson 11: Writing the Arabic Alphabet ر – ظ (writing)

Lesson 12: Writing the Arabic Alphabet ع – ل (writing)

Lesson 13: Writing the Arabic Alphabet م- ي (writing) 

Section 5: Reading joined up Arabic Letters

Lesson 14: The Naughty Letters (reading & writing)

Lesson 15: Arabic Letters ا- خ (reading)

Lesson 16: Arabic Letters د- ض (reading)

Lesson 17: Arabic Letters ط- ك (reading)

Lesson 18: Arabic Letters ل- ي (reading)

Section 6: Speaking- General Greetings in the Arab world

Lesson 19: Introducing yourself (speaking & listening)

Lesson 20: Key Speaking Phrases (speaking & listening)

Lesson 21: Arabic Phrases (speaking & listening)

Section 7: Speaking- At the Hotel

Lesson 22: Speaking- At the Hotel (speaking & listening)

Lesson 23: Hotel Role Play- Booking a Room (speaking & listening)

Lesson 24: Hotel Role Play- Complaining About a Room (speaking & listening)

Section 8: Speaking-At the Restaurant

Lesson 25: Key Phrases (speaking & listening)

Lesson 26: Essential Vocabulary  (speaking & listening)

Lesson 27: Restaurant Role Play- Ordering food at the restaurant (speaking & listening)

Section 9: Grammar- The Basics

Lesson 28: Introduction to Verb Tenses (grammar, reading & writing)

Lesson 29: Personal Pronouns (grammar, reading & writing)

Section 10: Grammar- The Verb Tenses

Lesson 30: The Past Tense  (grammar,  reading & writing)

Lesson 31: The Present Tense (grammar, reading & writing)

Lesson 32: The Future Tense (grammar, reading & writing)


Arabic Conversation Course 

Section 1: Introduction

Lesson 1: How to Navigate this Course

Section 2:  The Building Blocks

Lesson 2: The Core Basics I 

Lesson 3: The Core Basics II

Lesson 4: Subject Pronouns

Lesson 5: Object Pronouns

Lesson 6: Possessive Pronouns

Lesson 7: Untranslatable Arabic Phrases

Section 3: Socialising 

Lesson 8: Important Phrases

Lesson 9: General Greetings 

Lesson 10: Networking

Lesson 11: Love Expressions in Arabic

 Section 4: Speaking Grammar

Lesson 12: “To have” in Arabic

Lesson 13: "Why” in Arabic

Lesson 14: "Because” in Arabic

Lesson 15: Asking Questions I

Lesson 16: Asking Questions II

Lesson 17: Expressing “I like” in Arabic

Lesson 18: Expressing “I want” in Arabic

Lesson 19: Polite Arabic

Section 5: Islamic Phrases #cultured

Lesson 20:  Islamic Greetings

Lesson 21: Islamic Calendar

Section 6: Business #hustler

Lesson 22: Real Estate

Lesson 23: Employment

Lesson 24: Finance and Economy

 Section 7: Travel  #wanderlust

Lesson 25:  At the Hospital

Lesson 26: At the Restaurant

Lesson 27: At the Airport

Lesson 28:  At the Train Station 

Lesson 29: At the Hotel 

Lesson 30: Lost? Let's ask for Directions

Arabic Reading & Writing Course 

Lesson 1: Introduction to the Secret World of Languages’ Arabic Reading and Writing Course!

Lesson 2: Arabic Alphabet pt.1 (reading)

Lesson 3: Arabic Alphabet pt.2 (reading)

Lesson 4: Arabic Alphabet pt.3 (reading)

Lesson 5: Arabic Alphabet pt.4 (reading)

Lesson 6: Fatha (reading and writing)

Lesson 7: Kasra (reading and writing)

Lesson 8: Damma (reading and writing)

Lesson 9: Sukoon (reading and writing)

Lesson10: Write Arabic Alphabet pt.1 (writing)

Lesson 11: Write Arabic Alphabet pt. 2 (writing)

Lesson 12: Write Arabic Alphabet pt. 3 (writing)

Lesson 13: Write Arabic Alphabet pt. 4 (writing)

Lesson 14: The Naughty Letters (reading and writing)

Lesson15: Reading joined up Arabic letters pt1 (reading and writing)

Lesson 16: Reading joined up Arabic letters pt2 (reading and writing)

Lesson 17: Reading joined up Arabic letters pt3 (reading and writing)

Lesson 18: Reading joined up Arabic letters pt4 (reading and writing)

Lesson 19: Al Madd: An Overview (reading)

Lesson 20: Al Madd Al Fatha (reading and writing)

Lesson 21: Al madd Al Fatha examples (reading)

Lesson 22: Al Madda Al Kasra (reading and writing)

Lesson 23: Al Madda Al Kasra examples(reading)

Lesson 24: Al Madd Ad-damma (reading and writing)

Lesson 25: Al Madd Ad-damma examples(reading)

Lesson 26: Sun and Moon Letters Overview (reading)

Lesson 27: The Moon Letters (reading and writing)

Lesson 28: The Sun Letters (reading and writing)

Lesson 29: Alif Maqsura (reading)

Lesson 30:  The Hamza (reading)

Lesson 31: The Tanween Vowels: An Overview  (reading)

Lesson 32: ‘Tanween Al Fatha’ (reading and writing)

Lesson 33: ‘Tanween Al Fatha with Alif’ (reading and writing)

Lesson 34: ‘Tanween Al Fatha taa marbuta’ & ‘Hamza’ (reading and writing)

Lesson 35: ‘Tanween Al Fatha’: Its Importance (reading)

Lesson 36: ‘Tanween Al Fatha’ with Examples (reading)

Lesson 37: Tanween Al kasra (reading and writing)

Lesson 38: Tanween Al kasra examples (reading)

Lesson 39: Tanween Ad-damma(reading and writing)

Lesson 40: Tanween Ad-damma examples (reading)

Lesson 41: Introduction to ‘Shadda’ (reading)

Lesson 42: ‘Shadda Al fatha’ & Examples (reading and writing)

Lesson 43: ‘Shadda Al kasra’ & Examples (reading and writing)

Lesson 44: ‘Shadda Ad-Damma’ & Examples(reading)

Lesson 45: ‘Shadda At-tanween fatha, kasra & damma’(reading and writing)


Our Approach

Our teaching method is effective in proving that you do not need to spend a lot of TIME learning useless information but rather important knowledge that will enable you to achieve your goals.

We teach our lessons in a calm and relaxed environment ensuring that you learn & memorise the information. This is how you OPTIMIZE your learning!

In this Course we use an interactive whiteboard to show you in live time how to read, and write Arabic. You will see how the instructor carefully writes each letter individually and joined up! You will learn how to read and write Arabic in detail; learning each of the vowels. When you are able to read and write Arabic; speaking and listening becomes easier!

Student Discount

Are you a Student? Good news as you are entitled to 85% off of this Course. Please check the Students Tab of our Website to find out more! 


No previous knowledge is required.

Who is this for? 

Anyone who has had no prior knowledge of reading & writing Arabic! This Course will enhance your skills as a language student who wants to excel and impress others by reading and writing Arabic!

Career Path & Future Possibilities

The future is bright with Arabic as many employers seek to hire a dynamic individual who possesses the gift of knowing another language. Arabic is one of the most sought out languages out there! It is a must for anyone who wants to stand out from the rest!