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Arabic Conversation Course

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In this Arabic Conversation Course we will take you from speaking no Arabic to speaking like a local! What's more we have given bonus features of featuring one of the most common dialects which is the Levantine dialect!

Get rewarded! A signed Certificate of Completion is included within the Course Price.

This Course guides you with a clear direction in learning Arabic successfully and effectively.

As you can see from our Course Curriculum we have carefully curated the Course to encompass all of the key language skills evenly and equally.

We offer tips and tricks to add your own flair to speaking Arabic! So yalla! Join us and speak Arabic today!

Course Curriculum

Section 1: Introduction

Lesson 1: How to Navigate this Course

Section 2:  The Building Blocks

Lesson 2: The Core Basics I 

Lesson 3: The Core Basics II

Lesson 4: Subject Pronouns

Lesson 5: Object Pronouns

Lesson 6: Possessive Pronouns

Lesson 7: Untranslatable Arabic Phrases

Section 3: Socialising 

Lesson 8: Important Phrases

Lesson 9: General Greetings

Lesson 10: Networking

Lesson 11: Love Expressions in Arabic

 Section 4: Speaking Grammar

Lesson 12: “To have” in Arabic

Lesson 13: "Why” in Arabic

Lesson 14: "Because” in Arabic

Lesson 15: Asking Questions I

Lesson 16: Asking Questions II

Lesson 17: Expressing “I like” in Arabic

Lesson 18: Expressing “I want” in Arabic

Lesson 19: Polite Arabic

Section 5: Islamic Phrases #cultured

Lesson 20:  Islamic Greetings

Lesson 21: Islamic Calendar

Section 6: Business #hustler

Lesson 22: Real Estate

Lesson 23: Employment

Lesson 24: Finance and Economy

 Section 7: Travel  #wanderlust

Lesson 25:  At the Hospital

Lesson 26: At the Restaurant

Lesson 27: At the Airport

Lesson 28:  At the Train Station 

Lesson 29: At the Hotel 

Lesson 30: Lost? Let's ask for Directions

The Arabic Language

With nearly 500 million native speakers worldwide and millions of non- native speakers flocking to learn Arabic at a rapid rate. It’s no wonder that Arabic is one of the 5 global languages. 

The Arabic language has incredible benefits for its learners including its intrinsic role within the architecture, geo-political sphere, travel & tourism, culture, finance, commerce, travel, entertainment (pop-culture), philosophy and literature.

The Arabic language is spoken throughout many regions of the world including the GCC states, North Africa and many other countries due to it being the language of The Holy Qur’an. 

Moreover, there are many lucrative incentives to learn Arabic with many expats settling in the Middle East and further afield. It is a multi-dimensional language providing several benefits for its learners.

The Benefits

You will learn how to: 

  • You don't need to learn how to read Arabic! Our lessons are both in Arabic and transliterated text!
  • Speak like an Arabic in a variety of situations: at the hospital, the restaurant, the airport, 
  • Business pro topics covered: Real Estate, Employment, Finance & Economy!
  • Learn  & full comprehend the essential speaking grammar
  • Learn snippets of the Levantine dialect 
  • Order food and drink confidently on holiday
  • Network and meet new people in Arabic!
  • Learn at your own pace and time- hassle and stress free!  

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