German for Beginners - Secret World of Languages
German for Beginners - Secret World of Languages
German for Beginners - Secret World of Languages

German for Beginners

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Hallo! Sprichst du Deutsch?! If you don’t know what that means; then look no further than our German for Beginners Course where we will take you from an ultimate newbie in German to boosting your knowledge in understanding German Grammar, speaking, reading and writing German confidently!

A signed Certificate of Completion is included within the Course Price.

This Course guides you with a clear direction in learning German successfully and effectively.

As you can see from our Course Curriculum we have carefully curated the Course to encompass all of the 5 key language skills evenly and equally.

These 5 key language skills are: speaking, listening, reading, writing and grammar. They are essential in mastering any language and must be studied in order to be a versatile student of the German language.

The German Language 

German is an incredibly beautiful and unique language to learn. With over 220 million speakers it's no wonder that German is a very popular and useful language to know!

German is a language of science, politics, religion art, culture, love, romance, architecture, fashion and design. Millions of people flock to Italy every year and to German speaking countries such as Austria, Luxembourg and Switzerland. 

Join others and start speaking, reading, writing and understanding German today!

The Course Curriculum 

In 33 lessons you will learn: 

Section 1: The Core Basics  

Lesson 1: The German Alphabet

Lesson 2: German Consonant Pronunciation I

Lesson 3: German Consonant Pronunciation II

Lesson 4: The Umlaute and Combined Vowels

Section 2: Basic German Grammar

Lesson 5: The Definite Article (Nominative & Accusative)

Lesson 6: The Definite Article (Genitive)

Lesson 7: The Definite Article (Dative)

Lesson 8: The Indefinite Article (Nominative & Accusative)

Lesson 9: The Indefinite Article (Genitive)

Lesson 10: The Indefinite Article (Dative)

Section 3:  The Building Blocks

Lesson 11: Subject Pronouns

Lesson 12: Present Tense of Regular Verbs

Lesson 13: Word Order

Lesson 14: Question Words

Lesson 15: The verb “to like”- gerne,mögen,  gefallen, lieben.

Lesson 16: The Future Tense

Section 4: German Perfection!

Lesson 17: How to say “I’m tired”

Lesson 18: Present Tense of “Sein”

Lesson 19: Present Tense of “Haben”

Lesson 20: Telling the time

Section 5: Important Differences

Lesson 21: “Es gibt” vs “Es sind”

Lesson 22: “um”, “im” or “am”?

Lesson 23: “Na ja?” explained

Lesson 24: “Ach” in German

Section 6: Let’s Speak German!

Lesson 25: German Greetings & Farewells

Lesson 26: Key German Words

Lesson 27: Key German Phrases

Lesson 28: German Vocabulary – Important Verbs

Lesson 29: German Vocabulary- Types of Transport

Lesson 30: Lost? Let’s ask for directions!

Lesson 31: At the train station

Lesson 32: At the Restaurant

Lesson 33: Shopping in German