French for Beginners Course - Secret World of Languages
French for Beginners Course - Secret World of Languages
French for Beginners Course - Secret World of Languages

French for Beginners Course

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Our French for Beginners Course is comprised of 33 lessons where we take you from an ultimate beginner to a confident student who can read, write, speak and understand French. Our Course has been carefully designed to encompass all of the 5 key language skills (speaking, listening, reading, writing & grammar) providing you with the perfect foundation to be the ideal Francophone! 

What you will get: 

1. 33 Online Lessons

2. Course Guide

3. Course Checklist Tracker 

Course Curriculum 

Section 1: The Core Essentials

Lecture 1: The French Alphabet & The French Vowels

Lecture 2: The French Accents I

Lecture 3:The French Accents II

Section 2: Speaking French!

Lecture 4: French Greetings

Lecture 5: Describing Yourself 

Lecture 6:  Useful Expressions

Section 3: The Basics of French Grammar  

Lecture 7: The Definite Article

Lecture 8: The Indefinite Article

Lecture 9: The Subject Pronouns  

Lecture 10: The 3 French Verb Groups

Section 4: Elevating your French! 

Lecture 11: The Possessive Adjectives (masculine)

Lecture 12: The Possessive Adjectives (feminine)

Lecture 13: The Possessive Adjectives (plural)

Lecture 14: The Possessive Pronouns (masculine)

Lecture 15: The Possessive Pronouns (feminine)

Lecture 16: The Possessive Pronouns (masculine plural)

Lecture 17: The Possessive Pronouns (feminine plural)

Lecture 18: Demonstratives

Section 5: Irregular Verbs in Practice 

Lecture 19: Avoir (to have)

Lecture 20: Être (to be)

Lecture 21: Aller (to go) & prepositions

Section 6: Creating French Sentences

Lecture 22: Gender of Nouns  

Lecture 23: Positioning of Adjectives 

Lecture 24: IL Y A - How to say "there is" or "there are" in French

Section 7: Knowing the Difference...

Lecture 25: Savoir vs. Connaître

Lecture 26: Depuis our Pendant?

Section 8: Inquisitive French!

Lecture 27: Asking questions in French with “Est-ce que”

Lecture 28: Asking questions in French with Inversions

Lecture 29: What or Which questions in French using "QUEL"

Section 9: Useful French Vocabulary

Lecture 30: Numbers 0-100

Lecture 31: The French Days of the Week

Lecture 32: The French Months of the Year

Lecture 33: The French Prepositions

The Benefits 

  • You will learn how to: 
  • Read and Write French
  • Create simple sentences in French
  • Understand French Grammar
  • Build your vocabulary 
  • Describe yourself 

Student Discount 

Are you a Student? Good news as you are entitled to 85% off of this Course. Please check the Students Tab of our Website to find out more! 


None! This is a complete beginners Course!

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