2 in 1: English & German for Beginners Course Bundle!

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In this Course Bundle you will receive 67 lessons where you will learn the basics of English and German!

You will be amazed at how much you will learn in a short space of time! 

We are offering this Course combination for students eager to start learning English and German without wasting anymore time. The Course comes with lifetime access, direct tutor support and a Certificate of Completion!

English for Beginners 

In 32 lessons you will learn: 

Section 1: The Core Basics

Lesson 1: The Alphabet

Lesson 2: The Vowel Sounds

Lesson 3: Pronounce the “PH” sound

Lesson 4: Difference between “R” and “L” in English

Lesson 5: Pronounce the “J” and “Y” Sound

Lesson 6: Pronounce words that have “T” in them

Lesson 7: Pronounce words that end with “CK”

Lesson 8: Pronounce words that end with “X”

Section 2: Spelling Mistakes in English

Lesson 9: Specific vs Pacific

Lesson 10: Immigrate, Migrate vs Emigrate

Lesson 11: Especially or Specially

Lesson 12: Personal vs Personnel

Lesson 13: Done vs Did

Lesson 14: Lose vs Loose

Lesson 15: Capital vs Capitol

Lesson 16: Hear vs Here

Lesson 17: To, too or two

Lesson 18: Desert or Dessert

Lesson 19: Where/were

Lesson 20: Affect/Effect

Lesson 21: Breath/Breathe

Section 3: English Grammar!

Lesson 22: Nouns in English

Lesson 23: Common Nouns

Lesson 24: Pronouns

Lesson 25: Subject Pronouns

Lesson 26: Commas

Lesson 27: Semi-Colons & Colons in English

Lesson 28: It’s and Its

Lesson 29: I.E. vs E.G.

Lesson 30: Me vs I

Section 4: Express yourself

Lesson 31: Asking and give opinions in English

Lesson 32: Polite English


German for Beginners 

In 35 lessons you will learn: 

Section 1: The Core Basics  

Lesson 1: The German Alphabet

Lesson 2: German Consonant Pronunciation I

Lesson 3: German Consonant Pronunciation II

Lesson 4: The Umlaute and Combined Vowels

Section 2: Basic German Grammar

Lesson 5: The Definite Article (Nominative & Accusative)

Lesson 6: The Definite Article (Genitive)

Lesson 7: The Definite Article (Dative)

Lesson 8: The Indefinite Article (Nominative & Accusative)

Lesson 9: The Indefinite Article (Genitive)

Lesson 10: The Indefinite Article (Dative)

Section 3:  The Building Blocks

Lesson 11: Subject Pronouns

Lesson 12: Present Tense of Regular Verbs I

Lesson 13: Present Tense of Regular Verbs II

Lesson 14:  Present Tense of Regular Verbs III

Lesson 15:  Word Order

Lesson 16: Question Words

Lesson 17: The verb “to like”- gerne,mögen,  gefallen, lieben.

Lesson 18: The Future Tense

Section 4: German Perfection!

Lesson 19: How to say “I’m tired”

Lesson 20: Present Tense of “Sein”

Lesson 21: Present Tense of “Haben”

Lesson 22: Telling the time

Section 5: Important Differences

Lesson 23: “Es gibt” vs “Es sind”

Lesson 24: “um”, “im” or “am”?

Lesson 25: “Na ja?” explained

Lesson 26: “Ach” in German

Section 6: Let’s Speak German!

Lesson 27: German Greetings & Farewells

Lesson 28: Key German Words

Lesson 29: Key German Phrases

Lesson 30: German Vocabulary – Important Verbs

Lesson 31: German Vocabulary- Types of Transport

Lesson 32: Lost? Let’s ask for directions!

Lesson 33: At the train station

Lesson 34: At the Restaurant

Lesson 35: Shopping in German