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Are you a beginner in the English language? Do you want to learn English but do know where to start? Are you need in of clear structure? Do you want to cover all of the 5 language skills: speaking, reading, writing, grammar and listening?  Well look know further than our English for Beginners Course. 

This Course clearly plans out how to learn English effectively and clearly. We have everything covered! 

Course Curriculum

Section 1: The Core Basics

Lesson 1: The Alphabet

Lesson 2: The Vowel Sounds

Lesson 3: Pronounce the “PH” sound

Lesson 4: Difference between “R” and “L” in English

Lesson 5: Pronounce the “J” and “Y” Sound

Lesson 6: Pronounce words that have “T” in them

Lesson 7: Pronounce words that end with “CK”

Lesson 8: Pronounce words that end with “X”

Section 2: Spelling Mistakes in English

Lesson 9: Specific vs Pacific

Lesson 10: Immigrate, Migrate vs Emigrate

Lesson 11: Especially or Specially

Lesson 12: Personal vs Personnel

Lesson 13: Done vs Did

Lesson 14: Lose vs Loose

Lesson 15: Capital vs Capitol

Lesson 16: Hear vs Here

Lesson 17: To, too or two

Lesson 18: Desert or Dessert

Lesson 19: Where/were

Lesson 20: Affect/Effect

Lesson 21: Breath/Breathe


Section 3: English Grammar!

Lesson 22: Nouns in English

Lesson 23: Common Nouns

Lesson 24: Pronouns

Lesson 25: Subject Pronouns

Lesson 26: Commas

Lesson 27: Semi-Colons & Colons in English

Lesson 28: It’s and Its

Lesson 29: I.E. vs E.G.

Lesson 30: Me vs I

Section 4: Express yourself

Lesson 31: Asking and give opinions in English

Lesson 32: Polite English

The Benefits 

  • Read and Write English 
  • Speak and pronounce difficult English sound with ease
  • Direct tutor support
  • Life time access
  • CEO signed Certificate of Completion included within Course Price
  • Interactive and entertaining lessons
  • Thoroughly research content.  

Student Discount

Are you a Student? Good news as you are entitled to 85% off of this Course. Please check the Students Tab of our Website to find out more! 


No prior knowledge of English is required as this is a Beginners Course!