Study Smarter; not Harder!

Study Smarter; not Harder!

For example, you can't use the same approach to learning Russian as may do with Spanish! 

The Russian Language uses the Cyrillic Alphabet therefore more attention is required when it comes to reading Russian unlike Spanish which shares the same Latin script as English. In Russian we have unique sounds such as "ж" and "щ" which are difficult at first for beginners. 

Therefore when learning Spanish you can delve into the Grammar at a faster rate learning the differences between "ser" and "estar".

Prior to purchase you can read the Course Curriculum which clearly explains each lesson and exactly what you will be learning and what skill/skills will be covered in each lesson.

We want the language to work for YOU! Don't waste time thinking about it. 

If you do nothing; you get nothing!

The time is NOW to start learning a new language or building on what you already know!

If you have more questions feel free to contact us!