LANGUAGES, redefined.

Why choose Secret World of Languages?

Good Question! I know there are a lot of course providers out there that sell online language courses but that's just what they are: generic course providers.

Secret World of Languages was founded due to the love of sharing and teaching languages with others.

We create our own Courses using the very best in house talent to carefully create our Online Courses.

Through trial and error we have come up with the best teaching techniques so that you learn at a rapid rate and are fully engaged with the Course Content.

Our Courses are one of a kind which is why you won't find other Courses like ours. They are incomparable.

We really want you to understand the mechanics of the language. Not just regurgitate basic phrases and vocabulary.

Languages are our speciality! We have honed our craft for many years hence why we are confident we can provide immense value to our students

The Masters at Teaching Languages.

All of our Online Courses have been carefully designed to cover all of the 5 Key language skills: grammar, reading, writing, listening and speaking.

We didn't want our students to waste their time learning nonsense that wouldn't help them achieve their goals.

Some of our courses cover specific skills such as reading and writing for languages such as Arabic as it has its own script therefore it requires more attention and learning.

Moreover, we provide business language courses for those who need to learn a language specifically for business purposes.

We are confident that once you enrol in our Courses you will feel confident and well equipped with the language!

No more time wasting! Join the Secret World of Languages family today!

Learn More About the Science behind our Teaching! 

Staff Picks

Max from SWOL customer service has decided to embark on his own personal language journey. He has a few favourite courses that he has enjoyed learning with us thus far!

He currently is fascinated with the Arabic language and has just completed the Arabic for Beginners Course!


Carefully Curated Courses

Learning a language can be time consuming if done wrong. Our Courses are carefully curated so that you learn quickly & effectively without wasting your time. We focus on all of the 5 key language skills to master your craft. 

Practical Professional Lessons

Learn HOW the language works and how to make it applicable to YOUR NEEDS. Memorizing key phrases without understanding them is tedious and doesn’t get you closer to your language goals!

24/7 LifeTime Access

You pay a one-time fee. No hidden costs or fees involved.  You can access the material on your tablet, smartphone and/desktop. What you see is what you get!

Can anyone learn a new language?

Absolutely! Don't let the fear of failure stop you from learning with us.

It doesn't matter how old you are or how much experience you may or may not have; learning a new language is 50% passion and the rest is SMART LEARNING.

Our Courses are designed for beginners, intermediate students and advanced students alike. You do not need to be tech savvy to learn with us nor have a PhD in linguistics!

This is where our Courses help you! We use smart strategies to teach key concepts which hone in on a specific set of skills depending on the language we teach.

We break down the language to its very core so that complex topics are understood with ease & confidence.

We want you to enjoy learning languages and not find them tiresome or nerve wracking!

Study Smarter; not Harder!

For example, you can't use the same approach to learning Russian as may do with Spanish! 

The Russian Language uses the Cyrillic Alphabet therefore more attention is required when it comes to reading Russian unlike Spanish which shares the same Latin script as English. In Russian we have unique sounds such as "ж" and "щ" which are difficult at first for beginners. 

Therefore when learning Spanish you can delve into the Grammar at a faster rate learning the differences between "ser" and "estar".

Prior to purchase you can read the Course Curriculum which clearly explains each lesson and exactly what you will be learning and what skill/skills will be covered in each lesson.

We want the language to work for YOU! Don't waste time thinking about it. 

If you do nothing; you get nothing!

The time is NOW to start learning a new language or building on what you already know!

If you have more questions feel free to contact us!


Love the Arabic Beginners Course! - Olivia.

Persian is not an easy language to learn but SWOL made it so easy for me! - Irena

The Spanish Course Bundle is great and I got it on sale! Very happy! -Polina.

German Grammar Course- sehr sehr gut! Danke Frau!